About us

We are a coding school for all women and non binary people. For every paying student on our courses, we teach digital skills to a woman in the slums of  India.

Why do we exist?

We were founded with the intention of creating a more diverse technology industry. The gender disparity effects the products and services that are produced and who they are targeted at, and we need a workforce that is more representative of the people it wants to serve, or should be serving.

What do we want to achieve for our students?

We are here to kick off people’s journeys to becoming a software engineer; to upskill people in their current role; to create a more flexible career for a parent; to give a woman a stronger voice in her tech company; to give a potential or current founder the skills to build or overlook the building of their site; to give someone the confidence to question the industry and what it stands for; to have more technical women and non binary people at the table.

Where are you?

We set up in London in the Summer of 2016. We started in the beautiful surroundings of  Hackney Wick before moving to Shoreditch and then Farringdon. 

We now call Bethnal Green home. We are a three-minute walk from Bethnal Green Station, 5 minutes from Bethnal Green overground and 10 minutes from Whitechapel. We are super well connected! 

Where else do we operate?

Our mission reaches further than the UK. We believe that technology is a tool for independence and education. So in Mumbai, India, we have partnered with NGOs to train disadvantaged and marginalised women. Digital skills put women in a position to be able to earn more and to build solutions to the problems they see on their doorstep.

If more people from diverse backgrounds can code, more sections of society will be served and more problems solved.