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Post London Tech Week

We are coming to the end of London Tech Week and what a week it has been!

However, fret not,  there are incredible events running throughout the year, so we thought we would do a roundup of a few events that we are looking forward to in the next few weeks:


There are still a couple of London Tech Week events to look forward to. First up, Square is hosting a panel tonight in Dalston with their incredible CFO Sarah Friar, who we saw speak earlier this week in Dublin at Money Conference. It’s fair to say, we are fans.


15th June:

Wonderwomen tech conference is back! Go and see some incredible women talking about innovators and change makers, including some of our friends like Abi Mohamed of CGVentures, Luciana Carvalho Se of Unfold and Giselle Frederick of Zingr.


18th June:

This event brings together experts in medtech and tech for good. Find out how tech is innovating around treatment and care. This event is for everyone to go and discuss the impact technology can have.


18th June:

Entrepreneur First are hosting Frank Chen of Andreessen Horowitz for a Fireside conversation. They’ll be discussing investment, tech and entrepreneurship. Matt Clifford, co founder of EF, will be hosting!


19th June:

Not entirely tech but we are excited, nonetheless. It should be a given that ethical and sustainable values are at the heart of all that we do. Go to chat about sustainable fashion, circular economy and empowering business through ethical considerations.


27th June:

One from us!  Come and join us for a breakfast panel where we shine the light on the positive. Marketing and Tech are powerful and are working closer and closer together to change companies and the world we live in. We have some amazing players coming to speak!


27th June:

Want to learn how to build for the blockchain? The Blockchain developer summit may be the place for you. Learn how to develop with Ethereum, how to build smart contracts and create decentralised apps.